Baby's First Portraits

Newborn Sessions

My newborn portrait sessions take place in the comfort of your home. The session allows families to pause, soak in the precious newness of their baby, capture timeless portraits of your new family together, and all the beautiful details of baby's features that you have waited so long to see.

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“Caroline was amazing! She went above and beyond making our little one relaxed so she could capture the perfect pictures.

The images of our Nora Kate exceeded our expectations. Caroline was able to capture her little personality and create beautiful memories for us in the process.”

“Caroline is so special to us! I cherish the photos she has taken of our family as it has grown. Caroline has the ability to make us feel at ease in front of the camera. I know, without fail, that our photos will look amazing because of the way she gently poses us and makes us feel comfortable. One of my favorite sessions came on my first Mother's Day. My husband and Caroline worked together to provide me with a surprise Mommy + Me session. Thank you, Caroline, for being our family's photographer & friend.”

“Caroline, you are the absolute best! We appreciate you more than you know! The pictures you haven taken have meant the world to me!”


I just want to say thank you! The pictures are so beautiful and my family and I love them! Slaten’s grandparents are thrilled and so appreciative, they wanted me to pass on their praise to you. I had so much fun watching you work and really enjoyed the experience. We hope to work with you again in the future and will definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for a photographer.”

“The first time that we met Caroline she was coming to our home for our first child’s newborn photo session. She immediately put us at ease with her calm and nurturing disposition. She has a special touch with babies, and it’s amazing to witness. From that point on she’s documented every major milestone that has occurred for our family: Newborn, six month, one year photos for both of our boys, Annual family and Christmas card photos, birthday photos. Her talents never cease to amaze us!”

“Our family's experience with Caroline has far exceeded our hopes and expectations. From our maternity session to newborn and through our son's first year, she perfectly captured the beauty of each season. Caroline always made us feel comfortable and we had so much fun in the process! We are so grateful for her professionally and now as a friend, and our family looks forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.”

Fresh 48

Baby's here!!

A Fresh 48 session captures the love and beautiful bond between you and baby 24-48 hours after birth. I come to you (whether it be hospital, home birth, or birthing center) and capture priceless moments with a photojournalistic approach. Moments that happen during the session may include: nurses coming in to weigh baby, Daddy giving baby his or her first diaper changes, mom feeding baby, sweet cuddles, kisses and grandparent visits... Whatever events happen during the session, I will be there to document this special time. I love to take a few minutes to capture baby's first portraits as well. I will swaddle your baby and place him or her in a bassinet and capture baby's tiny features-everything you've waited so long to see and everything you don't want to forget. It's the story of your baby introduction into this world and the new bond between you.


What services do you offer regarding pregnancy + newborns?

I offer maternity sessions, pregnancy announcement sessions, gender reveal event coverage, fresh 48 hospital sessions and intimate, at-home newborn portrait sessions.

What is a fresh 48 session?

A fresh 48 session takes place the day after the baby is born at the hospital, birthing center, or client's home for home births. I capture all of the baby's newness and the love surrounding your new addition focusing on the baby's features and the new bond with mom, dad, and siblings (if any). My approach to the session is very relaxed. I go with the flow of how the baby and new parents are feeling.

What can I expect from a newborn session?

My newborn portrait sessions take place in the comfort of your home. I use both the natural light in your home and a softbox to capture timeless portraits of your new family.

I shoot portraits of your baby by his or herself on soft neutral backgrounds, mom + dad with baby, and if there is a sibling too I love to incorporate them into the portraits if they're willing. I also love shooting lifestyle shots of baby in the nursery with welcoming images of the baby in the spaces in your home.

What are your qualitifications?

I have taken professional newborn safety seminars, and newborn photography posing courses that have taught me proper and safe posing and soothing techniques. I also keep all of my vaccinations (including: TDAP and Flu shot) up to date to protect baby's health. I wash and sanitize the equipment and materials I bring with me before every session so that no harmful germs come in contact with baby. Your baby's safety, health and comfort is my number one priority.


The most precious moments of your life deserve to be captured.

Maternity sessions celebrate the beautiful new life growing, that will be joining the family soon. It gives mom a chance to take a break from pregnancy symptoms and be distracted by the love she has for her little miracle. And it gives dad the opportunity to show his support and gratitude. My hope is that the session allows couples to pause, connect with each other and baby, and allow the joy of this moment be celebrated and therefore reflected in the photographs.

Gender Reveal

It's A........!!

From the moment you heard your baby's heartbeat you have anticipated the moment when you find out the gender of your baby. It's such an exciting time for expecting parents to have the moment this news is found out, captured and cherished for years to come. The photographs showcase your joy and are the perfect way to announce your news to your family and friends and also to show your baby when they are older just how excited you were to know more about them.


One Year of Milestones!

Let's capture your baby as they grow this year! The "Grow-With-Me" Collection are three, forty-minute sessions scheduled throughout baby's first year capturing priceless memories of your little one.

3-4 Months

The first session will take place between three to four months old when baby has begun to purposefully smile in response to voices or sounds, push up on their arms during tummy time, wiggle arms and legs excitedly when happy, reach for their favorite toys... The photos capture baby's first gummy smiles and developing sweet personality.

6-7 Months

The second session will take place between six and seven months old when baby has reached these new milestones: supported sitting, rolling from back to tummy + tummy to back, plays with their feet, reaches for toys while on tummy, begins babbling, and bringing toys to their mouth.

11-12 Months

The third and final session takes place around eleven and twelve months old. Baby is now able to stand and cruise along furniture, possibly stand alone and even take a few steps independently, clap their hands, enjoys listening to songs, imitates speech sounds, finger feeds self... It's the perfect time to celebrate baby's first year with balloons, and maybe a little cupcake in front of the camera.